posted Nov 16, 2012 AM by Archiving Vinyl 

News we soon hope to have this feature on the Empirical Audio Legacy Music server to Archive Vinyl in Native 128x DSD files (double DSD).  Presently we can enjoy listening to (but not record) these file on our Music Server. After countless listening tests and modifying DSD equipment we now believe that DSD is the digital format which provides sound quality which is subjectively closest to the traditional analog recordings.  DSD is meant for users seeking sonic perfection.
We will keep you posted

posted Apr 15, 2012 AM by Jack

 The ALL FET Pre amp  is very smooth very quiet this is as close as i h ave to heard to my Tube Pre-amp except  with that open hi end that i wish it had and now it is here!i 

posted Jan 08, 2012 PM by David
Listening to my SACD collection now on my Empirical Audio Legacy Music Server this is the best i have ever heard digital and also convenient without changing disks from my couch and my remote using an iPad 

posted July 20, 2012 PM by Steve
These DSD files sound just phenomenal give's me back the Music back into living room!.