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KAI   Ikeda's New Flagship Cartridge  $8,500

"I received the KAI cart a few days ago and I must say I am very impressed!
I didn't think the 9TT could be bettered, but the KAI has raised the bar by
a big margin. I still think the 9TT is the 2nd best cartridge out there, and now
there is a king on top of the mountain!
The KAI is so fast, and dynamic with loads of ambience and air.
It is laser focused without any sign of brightness. Congratulations."

"I had IOJ Condo it set the standard cost $15K ten years ago

The KAI meets this and surpasses the Condo in all ways

Exceptional Transient response!

More transparent more balanced and neutral sounding

Some of the best low end response, I had from a cartridge,

This cartridge doesn’t heighten or lower the low end, with no exaggeration of low Frequency

Tracks very well and is very quiet no noise clicks and pops.

Smoother than my Lyra Atlas also also not as finlike with VTA adjustment"

9TT    2'nd Best Cartridge  $4400

9TT    Can Mono get any Better!  $4400

9TS    Model Ikeda 9TS (Stereo) NEW  $2900

SAI    Ikeda MC Cartridge (Stereo)  NEW  $6800

Ikeda Long Tone Arm 12" $7400    Ikeda  9" Arm $6900