AMS Music Server

AMS Analogue Music Server   Silver Series stating at  $14,500 , U2 $16,700,  MkII  $19,800 USD 

THE  ULTIMATE  Computer audio Transport  

Ultra Low Noise by Design of Unipolar Class A  Amplifier Power Supplies   *AMS mkII

 You will experience an analog-like audio quality you’ve probably never heard before on a  computer audio transport system (CAT).

 AMS Analogue Music Server achieves the absolute high-end of computer audio and now competes with similar sound qualities from top end Vinyl transport systems  and Open Reel to Reel systems.

 For this result we had to set up ultra-precision clocked hardware with hi-performance digital cables and extensive 64bit software with Core Kernel-streaming which makes Audio Playback the Priority. We achieved these CAT results with multiple high current analogue power supplies.  This had not been possible until now when all the 64 bit driver and development work has been done by many manufacturers.    Fortunately these developments aligned with our research and design initiatives.  The time is now right for the AMS Analogue Music Server.

 To have this phenomenal analog-like sound quality with the AMS Analogue Music Server, we broke the time barrier in innovative designing:  the upgradeable Unipolar Class A  Amplifier design  which implements Ultra Low Noise power regulation with premium low ESR capacitors and filtering  power supply’s which are standard on the Signature model of the AMS Analogue Music Server and TuneBank.

 AMS server comes with two wireless routers one dedicated to connect wifi remote control   And one dedicated to connect to internet all pre-configured to operate out of the box setup.   *remote control will operate with android devices (phones or tablets) or IOS devices (iPhone IPad)  or the finest user experience with 14” tablet which is gives you complete control and detail of all functions with the high visual resolution.

 The AMS Server answers the "bits is bits" argument. It's how those bits are delivered that is really important and that takes great software. Hardware is also very important but it is secondary to proper software.

 ...bits are bits (once you minimize jitter, packet noise, RFI/EMI and other nasties) that finds its way through to the DAC.


AMS Analogue Music Server   Four Ultra precision clocks

Ultra precision clocks on  computer mother board

Ultra precision clocks on  USB Card on

Ultra Precision clocks  System  SSD Modified Hardrives   

Ultra Precision clocks  Music  SSD Modified Hardrives  

 2  USB 3.0 Ports   Low noise 5v power

 Hi performance Sata cables on all Sata connections for superior sonic performance

 Power Supplies AMS Analogue Power Supplies  hi current 12amp, RAILS  Point to Point hand wired 6 separate power supplies to experience this magical Analogue sound quality *Special Edition model 11 separate ultra-low noise power supplies.


AMS Server Dimensions: 435 x 319 x 100mm (W x D x H)  17.5 Wide  x 12.75 Deep x  4" H   Weight  31 lbs 
AMS Power Supply Dimensions: 152 x 319 x 146mm (W x D x H)  6.0 Wide x 12.5 Deep x 5.75" H  Weight  39 lbs 
DSD DAC Dimensions: 435 x 374.5 x 100mm (W x D x H)  17.5 Wide  x 14.75 Deep x  3.5" H  Weight  29 lbs

 What Runs AMS Server and optimized applications

Running R2 server in minimalist mode, fully optimized, runs only 5 to 7 services and about 15 to 20 processes. Almost 150 unnecessary drivers and services are disabled, resulting in the optimal platform for ultra high-end audio reproduction. Over 300 additional modifications also benefit various elements of the operating system including priority scheduling, CPU modes and the file system, all of which greatly improve sound quality. The result is so enjoyable, so detailed, and so compelling that you simply must hear it for yourself.

A typical operating system (Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.) has about 50 to 100 processes and about 500 to 1000 or more threads all running at the same time. The CPU is involved in every single thread and process and, unfortunately, all of this processing must take place in real-time, resulting in jitter. By dramatically reducing the number of processes and threads run by your CPU, your music server will greatly minimize noise and jitter, allowing for a far more accurate and natural sound

This is the place you want to get to.  Kernel Streaming is the lowest audio engine level in the Server Operating system, allowing more efficient, real-time streaming. For the ultimate playback experience, this requires Kernel Streaming.  ASIO is applicable only to DACs that have an ASIO driver. And  that on 64bit OS also a 64bit ASIO driver is required.

This was not possible until now

SATA cables make sonic differences?

The SATA BUS contains a transmit and receive Two  sets of balanced signals   Both Two balanced signals contain CLOCK  timing signals inside the bus  With the  SATA bus bandwidth of up to 3GHz and 6 GHz  So the SATA cable needs to be very high performance conductors

Although the regular stock SATA cables can also function for the PC  But that is because of Operating System's error correction function  With regular SATA cables  Your Computer Audio Transport will always be doing a lot more of error correction  So a regular SATA cable will degrade the Signal Quality to your Computer Audio Transport signal

 With Hi-Performance Ultra III SATA cable.  The OS's  operation will become less complex  and more simple & continuous and less JITTER  As a result this Hi-Performance III SATA cable make a big improvement in the Signal Quality For this improvement you do not to do a A-B blind test  Just replace with this Hi-Performance III SATA cable  You will hear a big difference.

 For the general user.  You do not require any special instruments to prove this  Because this Hi-Performance III  SATA cable can make your OS operation more simple & continuous you will get a shorter booting times,

 And with similar reasons with the Hi-Performance III   SATA cables You will have a shorter cd ripping times You will get better Signal Quality from Ripping CD’s  SATA cables make sonic differences?

 The SATA BUS contains a transmit and receive Two  sets of balanced signals  Both Two balanced signals contain CLOCK  timing signals inside the bus  With the  SATA bus bandwidth of up to 3GHz and 6 GHz  So the SATA cable needs to be very high performance conductors

 You will hear a big difference.!


Dual USB Cable

jDual USB Cable  Data Cable, Power Cable