Avari Audio

Avari  Audio Phono & Line  stage  47-Step Remote  stating at  $10,800, MkII  $12,800 MkIIi  $13,800  USD

Avari  Audio Phono stage   starting at  $5,800 , MkII  $6,800 USD

Avari  Audio Line stage   starting at  $5,800 , MkII  $6,800   MkIII

Avari  Audio DSD DAC   starting at  $10,800 ,  MkII  $12,800 USD

Avari  Audio 4X DSD A to D  starting at  $10,800 ,  MkII  $12,800 USD

Avari  Audio CI- Phono stage  starting at  $8,550 , MkII  $8,800 USD   (CI -Current Injection) 

Avari  Audio *CI-VI Phono stage  starting at  $14,800 , MkII  $16,800 USD  
(CI-Vi  -Current Injection  & Voltage Injection)  
* Coming Soon 

Avari Audio products are Hand made with Discrete through hole components in the USA 

Avari Audio MC Active low noise Phono Preamp with Line Stage Preamp 47 Step Remote Control 

ALL FET CLASS A PREAMP Design by World Class “A” Designer·       All FET proven over time design

·       Double sided, plated-thru-hole PCB with ground plane to minimize both noise and hum

·       All passive RIAA equalization

·       Gain of 54/64/73 dB can be set to all MC cartridges

·       Premium quality, six position, gold contacts, SIP switches for MC cartridge loading

·       On-board all--‐FET regulators

·       Dual channel FET regulated  power supply’s

      ·       2 U Chassis for Preamp

·       Separate dual Power supply’s

·       Fully Balanced-differential output preamp available, custom requires two preamp boards

·       Output available for RIAA equalization bypass to archive Vinyl for archival editing quality

·       A whole systems approach to vibration and resonance control  integrated into the design. 

 47 Stepped Volume Attenuation with Motorized Remote - Single ended MC Phono with Line Stage 

 Low Noise All FET CLASS A  Power Supply's 

 Low Noise MC Phono / Low Noise Line Stage

Avari  Audio DSD DAC      

THE  ULTIMATE  DSD DAC  to compliment  a Computer audio Transport  AMS Music Server 

Ultra Low Noise by Design  Class A  ALL  FET  Power Supplies   

 You will experience an analog-like audio quality you’ve probably never heard before on  Digital Audio DAC .

DSD 4X DAC Classs A All FET      

DSD 4X A to D  Class A All FET  

DSD 4X A to D  Class A All FET

All  Pure Copper RCA and XLR with Pure Copper IEC Inlet and Ground Post