“We are Analog beings in a Digital Universe”  
       Neil Turok    Director of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.  The Universe Within: From Quantum to Cosmos
We  distribute a collection of the very best  Audio Products the world has to offer from boutique manufacturers who have a passion for perfection and attention to the subtle details that make a difference.  We put  a priority on natural products to achieve the best sound result.   Contact us to locate a dealer near you. 

Archiving Vinyl that sounds like the original Vinyl recordings has been  a challenge to say the least.   Archiving Vinyl with the equipment setup shown below can create digital files that when played back with the music server will consistently sound as close to the original vinyl sound as we have so far experienced.  For the best results we recommend  you see our setups.

One of the reasons that many people have stuck with vinyl is that it often has a greater sense of musical flow compared to CD's.  A turntable  that is well-designed and well-executed has these seamless sound qualities and invites further listening.. There’s a wealth of detail presented, allowing the listener to hear into the recording. One experienced listener heard details of treasured LP's that he had never heard before.

Part of the magic of a well-executed design turntable is the unrestrained dynamics. Many other turntable designs sound strangely compressed and congested in comparison..  

Avari Audio MC Active low noise 

Phono Preamp 

 Line Stage Preamp

DSD 4X DAC Classs A All FET      

DSD 4X -A to D Class All FET        

ALL FET CLASS A PREAMP Design by World Class “A” Designer

·       All FET proven over time design

·       Double sided, plated-thru-hole PCB with ground plane to minimize both noise and hum

·       All passive RIAA equalization

·       Gain of 54/64/73 dB can be set to all MC cartridges

·       Premium quality, six position, gold contacts, SIP switches for MC cartridge loading

·       On-board all--‐FET regulators

·       Dual channel FET regulated  power supply’s

      ·       2 U Chassis for Preamp

·       Separate dual Power supply’s

·       Fully Balanced-differential output preamp available, custom requires two preamp boards

·       Output available for RIAA equalization bypass to archive Vinyl for archival editing quality

·       A whole systems approach to vibration and resonance control  integrated into the design. 

Sonic Turntable  

REFERENCE PLINTH   Composite Wood Design 

·       Proven design with separately  isolated motors on separate base

·       Composite wood fiber and  multi-layer composite plate plinth base

·       With added transitional flywheel stabilizes speed accuracy and adds additional motor isolation

·       Hi torque motor will track better in the vinyl disks with imperfections

·       30mm thick low resonance platter       (Black version)

·       Hi precision polished bearing

·       Separate Power supply for  motor greater speed accuracy

·       Vibration and resonance technology is part of the  base is evidence sonic results

·       Tonearm board can be customized to fit for a variety of tonearms

 ·       Option for 2 Motors with transitional Flywheel and precise voltage control  power supply 

  Room Resonators               Acoustic Room Treatment  

  •  Acoustic adaption Zilplex resonators 

·    Quick placement versus Room renovations


  Laser Tachometer 

   Turntable speed accuracy                                                                          setting and calibration  

·       Accuracy of 0.001 to adjust your speed control

·       Does not contact the Platter optical reading by Laser

·       easy to use